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As winter approaches you may be hearing the call of the wild: white fields of snow-covered landscapes. But to heed the call before checking up on your snowmobile insurance coverage could land you in a little bit of hot water that’s not nearly as exciting.

What Kind of Insurance do You Need?

Snowmobiling can be as intense as it is fun. That’s why it’s important to make sure that life, limb, and snowmobile alike are protected (as well as any property that may be damaged along the way). We have a wide range of insurance coverage options that is sure to fit the bill.

  • Comprehensive and Collision – this coverage helps repair your snowmobile if it’s damaged in an accident, as part of a fire, as an act of vandalism, or stolen — no matter who is at fault. There is a deductible for this coverage that you’re responsible to pay, but it’s much less expensive than the replacement cost of the entire snowmobile.
  • Accessory Coverage – snowmobiles are a great deal of fun in their own right. Sometimes, though you feel the need to add aftermarket parts and accessories. These are not replaceable through traditional snowmobile insurance. You need an additional policy in order to cover these accessories (up to a certain dollar amount).
  • Bodily Image and Property Damage Liability – there are various limits you can choose from and it will cover the property damage or bodily injury liability in an accident that’s your fault, up to that amount.
  • Medical Payments – covers medical expenses sustained in an accident or incident involving your snowmobile. Expenses beyond the coverage amount are your responsibility.
  • Uninsured/Underinsured Motorist – sometimes the person at fault, or responsible for the accident, doesn’t have any insurance or has insufficient insurance to cover the full scale of injury and liability. This policy covers the gaps so you can get the medical assistance necessary.

Talk to NT Able Agency today to learn more about the specific snowmobile insurance coverage you need to protect yourself, your property, and your passengers in North Tonawanda, NY. Knowing you’re covered if something goes wrong gives you real freedom as you hit the snowy slopes on your snowmobile.

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